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OCTOBER 11th-13th 

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Imagine 3 days immersed in the presence of High Performance experts…..
3 days devoted to crafting your personal High Performance plan, guided by the ex-Australian cricket coach, a triple Olympian, a military leader, organisational psychologists and business leaders. If you’re serious about high performance, you will never get a better opportunity to make it happen

Only 30 places, this will sell out!

Are you ready to commit to doing what it takes to achieve high performance? Let's chat about your current leadership challenges, goals and ambitions to see if our 3-day summit is the perfect match for you!

World Class Facilitators

Imagine spending quality time in a small group with these extraordinary high performers who are committed to personalise your high performance journey though discussions, workshops, and hands-on activities that will reshape your approach to leadership.

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Maximum 30 places


Our promise is to guide you to become a truly exceptional leader, with the ability to consistently deliver market defining results via your inspired and engaged teams. The depth of your learning will be amplified via our unique multi-disciplinary approach to High Performance. 

Unleash Unparalleled Leadership Insights

Gain practical, actionable strategies from diverse disciplines to elevate your leadership game. Immerse yourself in a unique blend of elite sport, military precision, cutting-edge psychology, and refined business leadership. Our curated program is designed to unlock unparalleled leadership, generating insights that transcend conventional approaches. 

Forge an Exclusive Network

Join an elite cohort of top-level CEOs and senior executives in an intimate setting, fostering connections that extend beyond the program. This is not a passive listening event. You’ll be working closely with your fellow participants through a crafted series of experiential exercises. The intensive shared experience creates a foundation for you to build a powerful network of like-minded peers, creating lasting relationships that contribute to your professional growth.

Undergo Rapid Immersion and Transformation

Experience a transformative 3-day journey designed for rapid immersion and leadership evolution. This program goes way beyond theory, providing hands-on, experiential learning that reshapes your leadership identity. Walk away not only informed but transformed, ready to tackle challenges with a fresh perspective and heightened capabilities.


Accomplished leaders with a wealth of experience seeking to further refine their leadership prowess.


Those who stand at the summit of their respective domains, relentlessly pursuing excellence and hungry for that elusive 1% gain that distinguishes extraordinary leaders from the rest.


Leaders who have actively engaged in extensive self-development work, recognising the value of continuous growth and now seeking a program that expands beyond traditional business theory whilst aligning with their advanced leadership trajectory.

Tackling Today's Challenges: Its tough being a leader today. We’ve survived the Covid era but now face an extremely difficult economic landscape and multiple sources of global uncertainty. Our workforce cultures are still in post-Covid flux as we grapple with the challenges of re-instilling a vibrant culture in a hybrid environment. In this rapidly evolving landscape only exceptional leaders will continue to deliver high performance. Only exceptional leaders will emerge from the storm clouds with organisations poised for renewed growth and success. This summit equips you with the skills and mindset needed to be that exceptional leader.

JohnBuchanan : Sustained High Performance in Elite Team Sport

John became the Australian Cricket Team coach in 1999 and over the next eight years led the team to a world record of 16 straight Test Match victories, an unprecedented 29 undefeated World Cup matches including three final wins, and 14 consecutive One-Day International victories. Few people have ever orchestrated more “high performance”. John will share his winning strategies adapted to the world of business. His session is dedicated to giving you the tools and strategies to lead your team to greatness. From him you will learn:

Strategic Culture Building:

  • Cultivate a team culture that fuels sustained high performance.
  • Foster cohesion, trust, and resilience for enduring success.

Week-to-Week Execution Excellence:

  • Master the art of executing plans week in and week out.
  • Enhance team cohesion and excellence.

Sami Kennedy-Sim: Leverage your team in Elite Solo Sport 

Sami, 3 times Winter Olympian, not only achieved the pinnacle of her sport by making the Olympics but sustained her world-class level for an impressive 12 years. Her journey is an inspiring tribute to resilience and determination, especially considering the adversity she faced, having overcome a stroke just eight months before her debut. From her you will learn:

World-Class Performance Tools and Techniques:

  • Acquire cutting-edge tools and techniques for solo success.
  • Elevate your solo performance to world-class standards.

Harnessing Others' Strengths for Solo Success:

  • Leverage collective strength to enhance solo performance.
  • Stay relevant and impactful in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Wayne and Pearl: Unlocking Leadership Superpowers

Wayne Reuben brings 30+ years in senior leadership including commercial C-Suite roles in publicly listed multinationals. Wayne pairs up with Pearl Lim, an accomplished senior business leader and APAC Vice President, who brings her expertise as a marketing and leadership consultant, advisor, facilitator, coach and author. Together, they enrich our team with a wealth of hands-on leadership and consultancy experience. From them you will learn:

Agility Mastery in the Post-COVID Era:

  • Master Strategic Agility to position your organisation for success, and lead your team to deliver exceptional success..
  • Develop your personal Learning Agility, and the skill to Unlearn, essential to adapt swiftly to our fast changing environment.

Driving High Performance through Engagement:

  • Learn to propel high performance through effective interpersonal engagement that goes beyond typical engagement score action plans.
  • Utilise that engagement to craft a dynamic, motivated team for exceptional results.

Leadership Skills to Thrive Tomorrow:

  • Develop skills for thriving leadership in the future.
  • Create a dynamic and motivated team for exceptional results.

Ali and Clifford: The Psychology of Understanding Self and Others

In the business leadership realm, Ali Flynn is a resilient force, overcoming odds to establish and expand three companies and an international podcast. Her journey to CEO reflects a lifelong dedication to understanding human behaviour, navigating challenges, uplifting others, and cultivating profound self-awareness, rooted in her background in trauma therapy and psychology. She pairs up with Clifford Morgan, an endorsed organisational psychologist and leadership expert with over 15 years in the Royal Australian Air Force, bringing a wealth of military psychology experience to our team. Together, Ali and Clifford offer invaluable insights, and from them, you will learn:

Unlocking EQ Mastery:

  • Overcome barriers for emotional intelligence mastery.
  • Enhance self-awareness and navigate relationships with finesse.

Performance Under Pressure:

  • Acquire skills to excel under pressure.
  • Perform at your best in high-stakes situations.

Beyond the Surface, an Internal Shift:

  • Experience a profound internal shift in perception and approach.
  • Transformative change for enduring personal and professional growth.

Strategic Agility

Free E-Book

We appreciate you taking the time to explore the High Performance Leadership Summit. Since you're actively pursuing your leadership development, we'd like you to have a FREE copy of our "Strategic Agility"Book. It's a concise guide to adding strategic agility to your leadership tool kit. Click here to download your free copy!






Wayne's extensive professional background uniquely positions him to provide pragmatic and substantive advice. His approach is characterized by authenticity and sincerity. Wayne's style left the team both inspired and encouraged to enhance their skills." -
Kimberly Chua, GM, Core Collective
 The impact on my team has been profound. Strategies and tools to manage workload, communication, change and navigating challenging conversations have been instrumental in fostering a better workplace culture, improving collaboration and innovation, increasing productivity, and ultimately helping us achieve our organisation's mission and goals." -
Jade Vermeer CEO, TCC


O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat

3582 Lamington National Park Rd, Canungra QLD 4275


Above and Beyond: Sculpt Your Leadership Legacy at High Performance Leadership Summit: 
Where Immersion Leads to Mastery.

October 11-13th 2024

Program length: 
3 immersive days


Secure your spot early and save! Get the full program for $4,700 (AUD) or be among the first 10 to book at the Early Bird rate of $3,000 (AUD)!

This offer includes course fees, 2 nights of accommodation, and meals. Please note that airfares, transfers, and GST are not included. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity!

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity!

Session Size:
20-30 Leaders

O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat,
3582 Lamington National Park Rd, 
Canungra QLD 4275

Exclusive Benefits:

Discover Your Leadership Potential with Our Exclusive Value Add Package 
Get access to over $2,500 worth of bonus materials included with every registration!

  • FREE: 90-Minute Pre-Summit Strategy Session with Our Executive Coaching Team
  • FREE: 90-Minute Q&A with Dave Ballard, Head of Performance at Brisbane Broncos
  • FREE: Detailed DISC Personality Profile with personalised report
  • FREE: 'Mindset Reset Master Class' - Online 90-Minute Masterclass to Complete at Your Convenience, Including Guiding Workbook and Audio Content

Optional Post Program Coaching 1:1:
Book 6 sessions with your preferred coach $3000 excludes GST

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