Personality & Performance

HOW TO unpack the behaviours of yourself & others.  

WITHOUT getting frustrated every time someone does it differently to you, EVEN if it doesn't make sense in your head.

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There is two times to choose from

 Tuesday 30th August 
10.30 am, Online


 Thursday 1st September 
6.30pm, Online

Who Is THE Master class FOR?

  • Anyone looking to understand what makes them tick and unpack what drives and motivates people around them.
  • CEO's, Leaders and HR who want to nail their communication with their team on a daily basis to maximise performance. 
  • ​Established business owners who are looking to upgrade their leadership skills and their ability to flex their style in any given scenario.  
  • Anyone wanting to build a communication framework that acutally works.
  • ​Leaders looking to get results, create momentum and have a lasting impact.
This performance workshop is not for the faint hearted. If you are serious about creating momentum, having a real impact and getting results this is the right workshop for you. If on the other hand, you only consider your employees as resources to manage then this is not the right time or the right master class. If you would like to level up and nail your relationships but dont know where to start give us a call and we will help create a framework to get you started HERE

Could this be the best time for you to WORK OUT EXACTLY WHAT MAKES YOU TICK?

For years, we have been focused on technical skills to help you advance your career. But have you ever stopped to really examine  your personality- the parts that make you thrive versus the parts that are challenging?

We all know that we differ from others. But, do you really appreciate the way other people operate and how you can leverage this for greater performance?

The real question is:
How does ones personality influences their performance?

Many of you may have looked at your personality characteristics before, but I bet you have never looked at it like this before. 

The key is the lens you look through and how you piece the pieces of the puzzle together. 

And let's be honest, 

When did you last reflect on the characteristics that make you truly brilliant versa the characteristics that tie you down.

2022 is about showing up for yourself and learning how other people operate so that you can influence, create momentum, and nurture the relationships that mean the most to you.

Does this resonate with you?
And if you are constantly finding that your jaw is dropping at other peoples behaviour … don’t worry.

This might be the best opportunity ever for you to navigate how to flip this.

I used the exact system I'm going to teach you everyday across my three companies. 

And this is one of the few reasons my team were able to run my 3 companies last year when I had 11 months off with very little input from me. 

Who doesn't want that flexibility & freedom in their world?

Imagine, three months from now feeling like you have worked out what motivates and drives the people in your life.

With this information you can help empower and inspire those around you in a meaningful way. 

Better still... you can also tap into your purpose, hunger and what will get you results quickly. 

The world is changing: Its time to jump onboard!

Here’s Some Of What You’ll Discover At The master class…

We’ll dive deep on the three pillars of personality and performance
Personality Profiling, Emotional Signature and Getting Results
  • ​PERSONALITY PROFILING: how to assess individuals characteristics that influence performance (without even having a psychology degree).
  • ​EMOTIONAL SIGNATURE: How to understand your own personal reactions and the reactions of those around you (without having to spend hours thinking about what just happened).
  • GETTING RESULTS: How to use this information to maximise your performance and those around you. EVERY SINGLE TIME.
  • ​PERSONALITY PROFILING: how to assess individuals characteristics that influence performance (without even having a psychology degree).
  • EMOTIONAL SIGNATURE: How to understand your own personal reactions and the reactions of those around you (without having to spend hours thinking about what just happened).
  • ​GETTING RESULTS: How to use this information to maximise your performance and those around you. EVERY SINGLE TIME.


By now you’ve probably realised that the master class is entirely FREE!

People charge anywhere from $100- $1500 or more for education like this, and it would definitely be worth it.

But where I come from, before you ask anyone for anything… you need to demonstrate value first.

I’m on a mission to inspire millions of people globally to be magnetic leaders and I need your help to do it. So I’m going to leave no stone unturned on the day so you have everything you need to step into the light and be the leader you were born to be.
But for this to work… I need to be completely honest with you up front.

I don’t want you to come for one session and then never see you again.

I want to work with you for life. And at the end of the session I am going to make you fabulous offer so good you’d feel stupid saying no.

If you are not interested in being pitched an incredible offer on the day. One that will help you have an impact & create more flexibility and freedom in your world- then this may not be the session for you.

But before I make this insane offer to you - I’m going to show you EXACTLY what you need to understand about what makes people tick and how you can change your communication style to maximise results.

Now I know some of you are going to want to take what I teach you and implement on your own.

And that’s totally fine, I’m super happy to help out.

But the fact is - I’m looking for the next generation of leaders and emerging leaders to partner with so that we can scale up your impact, influence and inspire millions.

And this is why you can join the masterclass for no cost whatsoever.

You could end up like all of the crazy success stories you will hear about at the Master Class.

In my experience the people who get the best results are people like you who want to have a genuine impact on people’s lives, are full of desire and motivation, and have the energy and commitment to follow a system from start to finish.

Does this sound like you?


Imagine what your life could look like using the strategies I’m going to teach you:

  • ​You no longer find that your jaw drops to the floor at other peoples behaviour. How will that feel, having a system to help you navigate why people do what they do?
  • You can start to pull on your own strengths, i.e what makes you brilliant, and outsource the areas of your life that make you feel lethargic, flat and unmotivated… That way you can spend your days being productive and getting sh*t done. 
  • You can pinpoint the exact questions to ask someone to get the desired outcomes and results.
  • Humans are complex creatures. No one size fits all, but imagine having a framework to map out and understand peoples behaviours, motivations and triggers.
  • And more importantly than anything else - you’re building tools that not only work in the professional world they apply to the people you love the most. How good is that!
Over the last few decades I’ve magnified my performance and the performance of those around me by following the same strategies I am going to teach you.

I have helped people love their work, find balance in their personal life and feel alive and passionate about the direction they are going. With thousands of happy clients - learning to operate in a state of peak performance and achieve personal and professional growth. 

I have not seen a market so driven by a people first culture as their is today.

Frankly, if you are not putting your people first they will walk out the door and potentially out of your life.

So your time is now.

Especially with the world the way it is right now. You can not just sit back any more and hope that everything works out.

Right now the opportunity is sitting in front of you and I hope you join the 90 minute Personality and Performance Master Class and grab it with both hands.

SO WHO on earth IS Ali Flynn? 

Ali Flynn is a director and founder of three successful companies, host of the international podcast entitled ‘Challenges that change us’ , speaker, mentor and facilitator. She has presented hundreds of workshops focusing on leadership, personality profiling, peak performance, wellbeing and mindset. In short, she’s a natural born leader and mentor who has worked with thousands of people over the past two decades to help them explore their core beliefs, eliminate fears and break through mental blocks. She shares strategies that enables anyone to operate in a state of peak performance and achieve personal and professional growth.  

Backed by her studies of psychology law, a post-grad in emotionally-focused therapy and 20 years’ experience as a counsellor supporting trauma survivors, Ali serves up a holistic approach to life – one that serves attendees to improve their business mind, as well as their mental health and wellbeing.  

Having experienced enough trauma to last a lifetime, she draws from her own inspiring story of grit and resilience to influence thousands, to convince them that obstacles are not insurmountable. Her life story is a narrative of grit and will power, a tale of one woman’s journey of overcoming enormous adversities and triumphing against all odds to becoming a self-made entrepreneur, inspiring others to thrive.

Her life story has driven her to want to help individuals and leaders understand more about human behaviour, communication and mindset. 

She believes in finding 
"the right strategy for the right person at the right time in their life"

"Some fabulous feedback from the team. They were blown away by your story but absolutely loved the strategies that were really helpful & practical to apply. "
- Jasmine, National Australia Bank Leadership Team